Brief aus Nottingham von unserer Praktikantin Romy

I spent three days of work experience at The Bruno-H.-Bürgel-Grundschule, and it was one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences                           I’ve had. I have so much respect for Jens Otte and all the teachers at the school I had the pleasure of spending a lesson with.

The lessons didn’t feel like lessons, the teachers incorporated enjoyment and interactivity  in the learning environment seamlessly. The individualistic approach is such a strong tool used, and the students are obviously  benefitting from it. They are always having fun, in the corridors, playground and classrooms.

Each student was welcoming and helpful, offering to show me to classes when I was lost or open a door for me. They were open-minded and welcoming, the students English was incredibley strong, and the ones who weren’t as strong in English wanted to improve it!

It was so great to see, and makes me wish my primary school was more like this one :)

The Beijing exchange is an amazing thing, and it’s obvious how much the kids get from this experience, you can see a mix of cultures all around the school, from the artwork to the Beijing day.

I loved spending time in your school, thankyou for the experience, if only it could have been more than three days (this has made me want to work with kids!)

Thanks again,

Romy Letts

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